I understand that life circumstances can result in situations that can require help from others. Located in Greenville South Carolina, Bail Out Bonding provides bail bond services within Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, Spartanburg, and Laurens Counties. Let me help you today.

Locally Owned and Operated

Bail Out Bonding has been locally owned and operated since 2005, so I clearly understand the "ins and outs" of my clients and how to serve them best in Greenville and surrounding counties. I am open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call Bail Out Bonding Today.

Bail Out Bonding can assist you in the following counties: Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Laurens, & Pickens.

Bail Out Bonding concentrates business efforts on providing bail bond services within Greenville, South Carolina and its surrounding areas. I take pride in being a reliable, trustworthy, responsive and caring bondsman. With me on your side, you don't have to worry about a loved one spending another hour in jail.

Greenville County Courthouse
Anderson County Courthouse
Laurens County Courthouse
Pickens County Courthouse
Spartanburg County Courthouse
Courthouse Laurens

Service When You Need It

At Bail Out Bonding, I understand how important it is to get prompt service if you, a friend, or someone you love has been arrested. The legal process can be overwhelming if you try to do things on your own. Call Bail Out Bonding, instead, and depend on me to take care of the details for you.

More About Me

I am Travis Kellett, a bail bond agent and owner of Bail Out Bonding. What I do is bail people out and put people back in jail. I deal with all kinds of people, their families, and their troubles on a daily basis. If I'm lucky I also see their victories and turn arounds for those that get their life back on track. My job is to make sure they show up for court. If they don't, then I put them back in jail.

The best part of this job is seeing someone who has messed their life up suddenly turn it all around. It feels good to have that person come back into the office to tell me how I had a positive influence on them getting straight. That not only helps that individual, but it also helps their family, friends and even my community. It has a far reaching affect when you are able to help someone turn their life around.

The worst part of the job is dealing with the ones that don't care about others, don't care about me, and don't care about themselves. The ones that will stand in my face, look me in the eye and lie. The repeat offenders that I go out on a limb for just to have them let me down.

When I get a person that doesn't want to show up for court it shows me that they don't care to step up and be responsible for their mistakes so they may as well be back where they need to be, IN JAIL. I will not hessitate to put a deadbeat back where they belong.

I respect the legal system and I believe in justice.  That is what drove me to become a bondsman.

I am located at 1613 E. North Street, Greenville, SC on the backside of the building (downstairs). I offer low down payment and financing in most cases. If you are fair with me I will be fair with you. Call me today to get started.


Visit my office today at:
1613 E. North Street, Suite B (downstairs)
Greenville, SC  29607
Phone: 864-233-0041
Cell: 864-787-0972